My hair do’s and don’ts — sunshine and teacups

Hello everybody, I think its about time we talked hair! There’s so many tips and tricks floating around the internet about haircare so I thought I would share mine! DON’T.. Tie your hair up when it’s wet. It breaks the hair strands by stretching them, it’s a complete no no! Wash your hair every day. […]

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Brushpark-Watercolors — Discover

The watercolors and drawings of German artist Carsten Wieland are wide-ranging, from weekend sketches and seasonal scenes to abstract work and art inspired from his travels. Posts are in English and German.

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Rome My Inspiration For Becoming A Master Stylist


The Colosseum, Rome, Italy. Photograph by Maggie Balderas.

Rome is not only my place of birth but my inspiration for doing hair.  The city is full of life and vivid colors.  This Fall consider a soft and nostalgic look.  One that reminds you of days of glory and elegance while walking down the streets of Rome.   High end fashion embraces every corner and with it an invitation to “Experience A New You!”